Make Money Auto Blogging - Can You Really Make Money?

Short answer, YES.

But it's not as easy as everyone (the guru's selling the auto blogging software/plugins) make it out to be.

Where else will you get the truth about Auto Blogging? You guessed it, right here!

I still have no idea how anyone can keep one or two hundred WordPress auto blogs running without any maintenance.

I have about 40 or so and they all require upkeep. It's a lot of work!

For example, every time the theme your using has a new update, you have to go in and do it. It's always best to update ASAP as many times the developer finds a hole that allows crackers or hackers in and they put a patch in to close the hole.

It's the same with WordPpress updates and plugins. You have to upgrade immediately or you run the risk and believe me, you don't want to be hacked or cracked. It's hours of tedious work finding the corrupted files and cleaning them out.

Then you have to keep checking your sites and make sure your auto blogging software/plugin didn't pick up a file with weird code that throws your site out of whack.

I'm not a techy type guy so I can't tell you exactly what happens but usually your SEO plugin grabs an image or weird code from your auto blogging software/plugin and uses it as the meta description. Again, I have no idea why, I just know it happens enough that you have to check your blogs quite often for this.

If you do find one of your blogs looking crazy, go into your WP admin panel and bring up all posts. Then look at the tag and description section to the far right. You'll notice right away weird looking tags or descriptions and the easiest thing to do is just delete the post. I've tried to fix it, can't figure it out.

Another issue are CPA and other offers. Some offers run continually but many expire so you have to keep track of them and change out the offer when it happens.

So how much dough can you make?

Of course it depends on your niche, but if you set it up correctly, you ought to be able to make from$10 to $30 per month from Amazon, about the same from eBay and from $5 to $25 per month from AdSense, per blog.

And you can pick up a few bucks with properly placed ClickBank products too.

Be careful or seek help when applying to the eBay partner network (EPN). It's not easy getting approved, took me a year.

6 things you need to know about Auto Blogging:

1. Theme-you have to pick a great theme to use. I find it easier to stick with one and get really good at it. I use a free theme for most blogs because it's easy to use for the technologically challenged blogger and it's easily customized.

2. Plugins-you have to know what plugins to use. Makes your job easier. More importantly are the auto blogging plugins you pay for. I use two and they're great, inexpensive too! The free ones aren't good enough.

3. Niche-first thing you need to find and there are some great places you can use for research.

4. Keywords-anyone who says keywords aren't the absolutely most important item you need to make money doesn't know what they're talking about. I guard/hide mine with my life.

5. Domain Name-this is controversial but I really don't think it matters. Keyword rich domain or not,.info,.com etc... domains or not. Read number 6.

6. SEO-this trumps domain name every time. Choose good keywords then properly SEO them, your site and your content with good quality back links and you'll be all set.


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